Water Treatment

Osiris specialise in keeping systems clean and free from scale, corrosion and bacteria. Through analysis and chemical treatment we maintain system efficiency and compliance with guidelines.

Our Principle Water Treatment Services Include:

  • Service Contracts for all Water Treatment Requirements of Commercial/Industrial Sites
  • Flushing and Chemical Cleaning of Closed Water Systems
  • Monitoring and Chemical Analysis
    (Closed Systems, Condense and Evaporative Cooling systems, Steam Boiler Systems)
  • Chemical Products
    (Biocides, Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors, Cleaning Agents)
  • Microbiological/Chemical sampling
  • Tank/Cistern Replacement and Remedial work
  • Design and Installation of Control System
    (Evaporative Cooling Systems, Closed Water Systems)
  • Chlorine Dioxide
    (Installation, Monitoring and Maintenance)
  • Base Exchange Water softening & Reverse Osmosis
    (Installation, Servicing and Maintenance)
  • Advice and Consultancy